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About Us

no cookie cutter fitness programs

We do not offer one size fits all cookie cutter fitness programs. Our individualized fitness programs are designed to fit the needs of each of our clients based on their abilities and goals. We focus on the quality of movement to allow our clients to work out safely and efficiently.

Personal trainer working with her client at a gym.
client evaluation

All of our clients are taken through a detailed evaluation process prior to starting a training program. This evaluation looks at movement quality, mobility, strength, endurance and injury potential. Body composition, power, and other tests may also be used depending on the goals of the client.

The information gained in our assessment process allows us to create an individualized program that is considerate of each client’s abilities and limitations. Thereby reducing the risk of injury while helping our clients achieve their goals.

We keep your health in mind

Our trainer works in conjunction with, and the training programs are overseen by the medical professionals at Redlands Spine & Sport. If our screening reveals any injuries your fitness program can be modified to allow you to safely continue your workout program while you are receiving treatment for your injury.